[Declined] apply phaz. rogeu

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[Declined] apply phaz. rogeu

Post  Phaz on Sun May 17, 2009 2:41 pm

A little bit about yourself: Some RL info (age at the very least, profession, location, and anything you feel is pertinent...all optional).
Hi, my name is yusem Nguyen i'm 22 and I only go to school so no work, more time to play wow haha ! I just PLay kickboxing en train in the Gm
My Amory link http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Karazhan&cn=Phaz&gn=Lava+Dwellers
Class and race: Rogeu troll
trollieee xD
Previous guilds, and reasons for leaving them: Only include relevant raiding guilds, we don't need to know what guild you levelled in.
I dedent feel it was a good guild no active players no chat and no fun.. And i dont like that. I want a nice and verry active guild with nice
and funny players. thx

Why are you interested in joining pLayers? How did you hear of us? Are you applying to other guilds too? What is wrong with your current guild?
Heard you are a very good guild, and verry active. because I play allot of wow like 10 hours a day or more I want to join, and i would like to raid with them.
atm im in Ephorate but i dont enjoy as they are very immature.

Your availability: Please list restrictions and times during which you cannot raid. You are expected to be available for at least 3 raids a week.
friday I cant raid.. because my girlfriend.. you know how its going.

Your experience: What role did you have in your previous guilds? Did you lead raids? What instances have you cleared?
I ve cleared all content up to ulduarexcept os 3 drakes 10 and 25 man, and i never lead any raid..
My bad I can try it for you guys Thats no problem.

skinning and LW
Sponsor: Any members of the guild willing to sponsor and vouch you
Serenx hahaha..
Your character: Any information you feel is relevant here about your character
All my items are upgrade. i'm 4/5 tier7.5 only my head is bad i hope it wont matter to much.


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Re: [Declined] apply phaz. rogeu

Post  Edgey on Mon May 18, 2009 4:51 am

Currently full on rogues and bad gear aswell as not most impressive application ever. good luck finding a guild.


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