(Accepted) ex - Aurora Borealis ppl to join pLayers

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(Accepted) ex - Aurora Borealis ppl to join pLayers

Post  Connie on Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:21 pm

Hello everyone,
I want to tell everyone, that we have found an agreement to join You, and we are hoping for fast Guild Invitations Smile Our guild was disbanded. Maybe someone from other
Here are persons which I want to invite:

Ratu - paladin tank
Umrzyj - druid (dps/heal)
Kime - priest (shadow/holy)
Sepirot - paladin (retri/prot)
Shadowseek - dk (tank)
Siedllczanin - warrior fury/arms/prot
Sventevith - shaman resto/ele
Sayan - hunter MM/SV
Respiratorr - priest disco/holy
Xcore - rogue
Fanlol - rogue
Klarysa - priest (shadow/holy)
Kaizenn - paladin (holy/prot)
Wymotacz - DK dps
Carmenta - mage (fire/arcane)
and me
Connie - hunter (MM/SV)

We are well geared, skilled and prepared to start Ulduar 25man with You just from Wednesday.
So - that is it!

Best wishes to @ll "pLayers"!


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