[Declined] unholy DK dps

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[Declined] unholy DK dps

Post  roronoazoro on Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:51 am

personal info

age: 17
location: sweden
about myself: im a studying 17 year old male spending lots of time at my computer.

character info

name: Roronoazoro
class: Death knight
race: Unead
talent build: Unholy dps since its the most comfortable spec imo(also have a tanking set wich i use unholy with)

Armory link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Karazhan&n=Roronoazoro

raid process:
pre tbc: up to aq40(this i have done on my former main, before i lvled a DK)
Bc: kara,ssc,Mh (this i have done on my former main, before i lvled a DK)
Wotlk: naxx10/25 voa10/25 OS10/25 eoe10/25 and some bosses in ulduar 10/25


previous guilds i've been in was bunny brigade: guild disbanded.
do u know anyone in the guild?: i know some ppl in the guild, wahla, kraffslol are my rls, i know toshiba and salabra cause i've done many hcs with them so we are kinda friends.
do u have ventrilo?: Yes.
do u use any addons?: Yes, DBm,grid(mostly when i play on my alt),EPGP (thats the dkp system we used in bunny brigade), omen and some other addons to make the game play a bit funnier like cartographer, questhelper,atlasloot and gladius(when im playing arena)
anything else u wich to add?: im an experienced player and im a fast learner in raids and i dont fail on easy stuff.i also have ventrilo but atm i got no mic cause i broke it few days ago but i can still be on vent. can raid pretty much whenever u guys need me. just tell me when and ill be there.


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