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1. Real Life Profile
1.1 Real Life Name :
Thomas Ivarsson
1.2 Age : 23
1.3 Country of Origin : Sweden
1.4 Current Location : Malmö
1.5 Spoken languages : Swedish, English. Can communicate in Spanish and German

2. Character Profile

2.1 Character Name : Frodenqvist
2.2 Character Race : Tauren
2.3 Character Class : Druid
2.4 Current Spec : Resto
2.5 Armory Profile : http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Karazhan&n=Frodenqvist
2.6 Ressistance Gear : Zero

3. Experience
3.1 Pre-TBC : Every instance, my tbc-guild killed Kel´Thuzad one week before the expansion. I’ve played as a hunter almost through the whole Pre-tbc
3.2 TBC : Every instance except Sunwell. In Sunwell my old guild progressed up to Eredar Twins, then it disbanded and I took a break from WoW and waited for the new expansion. I played Shadowspriest and holy-Paladin through this expansion
3.3 WotLK : Every instance and some encounters in Ulduar, XT-002 Deconstructor, Freya, Hodir and Thorim. Played Restodruid so far in this expansion

4. Detailed Information
[b]4.1 What were your previous guilds and under what circumstances you left?[/b] In pre-TBC I was in a guild called Gosu (Shattered Hand), second best on the horde-side, and went through every instance except Naxx. Gosu disbanded and I joined Loco Motives (Shattered Hand, the best guild by far on the horde-side. With Locomotives I went trough Naxx. In TBC Loco Motives had problems in gather all the members around, I spoke to the officers about that and they said that we wont raid for like 1-2 months. So I left the guild and joined the guild Frostbite. With this guild I played as a holypriest, we went through almost the whole SSC except from the nasty Lady Vashj. After trying to kill her for a months the guild disbanded. Now I joined a guild that I have forgotten the name of. With this “Unknown” guild we killed Vasjh and almost cleared TK, this guild also disbanded at an endboss, Kaelthas. Now I joined Loco Motives again, after their break they progressed really fast and had now killed Kael. I cleared BT with this guild, hordeserver first. When Sunwell released it became a huge disappointment. We thought that the trashmobs were too similarly to eachother and were more boring to kill then usual. We killed up to the Ereder Twins and then took a break to wait for the new expansion. When WOTLK released I thought that I wanted something new and started to play on the server Karazhan with a druid. I was in the guild pLayers and killed all encounters, then I went for a week on vacation and when I came back my account had been hacked. After some weeks investigation I finally got my account back and almost every lost items except for some ressistancegear, Boomkin-gear. This situation resulted in that I took a break from WoW but I came back 1.5 months ago.

4.2 What is your character's talent spec and why? http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-talents.xml?r=Karazhan&cn=Frodenqvist
Explanation: I haven’t used any talents to improve Healing touch since the healingspell Nourish is much better. Nourish is better for two reasons: Castingtime Vs the mount of healing is a huge plus, the second reason is the second Set-bonus on Tier-7/Tier-7.5. The reason I have chosen Nature’s Bounty before Tranquil Spirit is mainly because of that I still haven’t had to save a lot of mana. What I have heard of Ulduar is that it’s like SSC when it released, maybe almost more challenging, and therefore will therefore respecc and set Tranquil Spirit to full and reduce the amount of talents in Nature’s Bounty.

4.3 What stats do you prefer and why ? Since the WOTLK released I have only had +spirit and +SP in mind. I haven’t played in Ulduar yet and do not know much in healing there, If I notice that I will go oom a lot I will ofc get more spirit and lesser +SP. If it’s much intellect it will only feel like a good bonus, I will never “trade away” spirit/SP for intellect.

4.4 What are the professions have you chosen for your character and why? I have chosen Enchanting because of the +SP-enchanting on rings and Leatherworking because of the really good wrist-enchant (SP-enchant). Though, because of someone hacked me, I have now full skill in Mining and Herbalism. If Blizzard cant restore my old professions I will change those and skill up Enchanting and Leatherworking again.

4.5 Are you comfortable with the fact that you might not always have a raid slot? Allways. Since I have always been in hardcore-guilds I will do what it’s best for the guild. I wont be happy for epics, I will be happy to see and be apart of the progression in PVE.

4.6 Can you use Ventrilo and are you able to talk when needed? Yes

4.7 What do you expect from pLayers? I expect the guild to have players that know their class out and in so to speak. Good progression doesn’t have to be the definition of a fast progression, it can also mean that you have wiped a lot and learned from that which I think it’s the most important in progression “the understanding of the encounter”. I was once a member of pLayers and I really enjoyed that time.

4.8 What would you bring to pLayers ? As a player I will give you 100% dedication to the guild and always be ready and focused when it’s a raid incoming. You can be 100% sure that I will learn from my mistakes and therefore improve my skills. I’m a quite social person and often use the vent to communicate.

4.9 Will you be able to always keep up with your consumables, gems and enchants? Yes, I will use every enchant and buff that will make my its easier to beat that specific encounter.


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