[Declined] Bozzy - A holy Paladin

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[Declined] Bozzy - A holy Paladin

Post  Bozzy on Mon Apr 06, 2009 1:24 pm

Character Name:Bozzy
Class: Paladin
Specc and why you chose it:Holy/TANK , Because i LOOOVE IT
Do you have any alts? If so please list them here :
No i don't

Age:16 but im mature for my age
Where are you from?: Sweden

Tell us a little about yourself:
I like raiding and i like serious actions and killing bosses is the best

Armory Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Karazhan&n=Bozzy

Armory don't show all sockets - i have 2097 unbuffed SP

Raid Progress:
Classic - None started on WOTLK
TBC - None started on WOTLK
WotLK - completed all contents please check armory if u want too

What guilds have you previously been in and reason why you left/got removed.
Walk , I left because it was my first try of making a guild but it failed.

Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?

What days and times (server time)can you raid?
It variates all the time, but i can raid much

Do you have ventrilo or are willing to install it?
I have ventrilo

Anything else you would like to add?

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Re: [Declined] Bozzy - A holy Paladin

Post  Edgey on Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:02 pm

Full on paladins at the moment especially holy however the application is a joke not taken serious and done in about 5 seconds declined.


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Re: [Declined] Bozzy - A holy Paladin

Post  runeoth on Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:03 pm

holy/tank isnt holy spec, terribad app

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Re: [Declined] Bozzy - A holy Paladin

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