Application: Foddered SV/BM Hunter

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Application: Foddered SV/BM Hunter Empty Application: Foddered SV/BM Hunter

Post  Cannon Fodder on Fri Nov 26, 2010 8:55 pm

Character Information

Character Name: Foddered

Class: Hunter

Talent Build and why you chose it: Survival for dps, I find it the most comfortable, and Beast master for soloing lower level dungeons and quests.

What is your dps/tanking/healing rotation/priority on spells: Hunters mark -black arrow - serpent sting - explosive shot - steady shot to get focus and then its just reapply at the cooldowns allow. But all is subject to change depending on the curcumstance.

Do you have any alts? If so please list them here : Horde: Cannoned, Fodders, Fodder. Alliance: Cfodder, Cánnon, Cannontank.

Armory Link:

Raid Progress: Not enough but willing

Classic -
WotLK -

Personal Information


Where are you from?: London

Tell us a little about yourself: I Have a house, car, cat, girlfriend and daughter. I Started work fixing Pc's 22 years ago and started playing games on them soon after that, played a lot of FPS games, then got the WOW bug not long before Burning Crusade came out. I would like to do more achievements also would like to be in a more active guild both socialy and raiding.

General Information

What guilds have you previously been in and reason why you left/got removed. UWE co-founder, unfortunatly didn't take off. Fracture left as people didn't turn up for raids.

Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you? Slowshoe

Are you comfortable with not always having a guaranteed raiding spot? Not a problem and don't mind coming in half way if someone drops out.

pLayers generally raids from 20-24 server time from sunday-thursday. What days and times (server time)can you raid? Prefer wednesday or thursday.

Do you have ventrilo or are willing to install it? Installed.

What addons do you use? DBM, Omen, Silverdragon, auctioneer, Titan panel.

Finally Why should we pick you?
I take direction and constructive critacism well and am always willing to learn.

Anything else you would like to add?. after seeing Dreadlock handle a 25 man voa group without losing his temper even with provication I thought players obviously know what they are doing.

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