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Post  zipzar on Thu Sep 03, 2009 11:58 am

Character Name: Zipzar

Class: Hunter

Talent Build and why you chose it: Surv atm cuz i realy dont have the gear for MM.. and i do my max dps in surv with the gear i have now.

What is your dps/tanking/healing rotation/priority on spells: Black arrow - serpent sting - explosive shot - steady shoot

Do you have any alts? If so please list them here : dont have any alts just this sexy hunter

Armory Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Karazhan&n=Zipzar

Raid Progress:
Classic - didnt play classic sadly
TBC - up till brutalus
WotLK - up till mimiron befor summer break

Personal Information

Age: 19

Where are you from?: Sweden

Tell us a little about yourself: well i started to play on my hunter for around 2½-3 years ago and dont go in school or have a jobb atm so most of my time i play wow like most of the geek hehe

General Information

What guilds have you previously been in and reason why you left/got removed.artic avengers who disbanded and now in Pandemonium mostly as friend inv

Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you? sadly no

Are you comfortable with not always having a guaranteed raiding spot? yes thats np if i have to sit out for some one els

pLayers generally raids from 20-24 server time from sunday-thursday. What days and times (server time)can you raid? i can raid all of the days

Do you have ventrilo or are willing to install it? i have both mix and the new one

What addons do you use? Omen - recount - bartender - shoot and away - zugzughunter

Finally Why should we pick you? Cuz i have 2½-3 years exp as hunter and know what im doing and listen on vent all the time. and a nice team player

Anything else you would like to add?
Just a print to show my dps in the gear i have. https://redcdn.net/ihimizer/img190/543/wowscrnshot090309233513.jpg


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