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[Accepted] Outburst paladin Empty [Accepted] Outburst paladin

Post  Outb on Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:22 pm

Character Name: Outburst

Class: Paladin

Talent Build and why you chose it:
Retri, becuse my doc said i can`t have to hige stress levels.

What is your dps/tanking/healing rotation/priority on spells:
Dps, judg conc. crusder - ds - exo

Do you have any alts? If so please list them here :
i have 1 alt Battyboy.

Armory Link:
Raid Progress:
Classic - all content.
TBC - was on a wow break only pvp.
WotLK - nax25-os25-eye25-ulduar 25 up to mimirion before i went on a 4 months break.

Personal Information

Name : Jonas

Age: 21

Where are you from?: Norway

Tell us a little about yourself: well im a normal guy who loves to play wow. if you want to know more just ask me in game.

General Information

What guilds have you previously been in and reason why you left/got removed.
The one and only Ephorate. i was the guild master of it.
i never left afther we disbanded.

Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for you?

Are you comfortable with not always having a guaranteed raiding spot?
yes im fine with that.

pLayers generally raids from 20-24 server time from sunday-thursday. What days and times (server time)can you raid?
I can raid does days. but if from time to time i can`t raid on the listed days i will give you a notice in advance.

Do you have ventrilo or are willing to install it?
yes i have ventrilo and i have a ventrilo server.

What addons do you use?

Finally Why should we pick you?
Becuse i want to raid with bemma daron and crohitman awsome guys from the old epho.

Anything else you would like to add?
Not realy.


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[Accepted] Outburst paladin Empty Re: [Accepted] Outburst paladin

Post  crohitman on Tue Sep 01, 2009 4:21 pm

Really great player and I am happy to see him back,not just good at hes class also great person Very Happy .Maybe could work a bit on gear but if we are in need of an other retri I can say only good luck ;D.


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[Accepted] Outburst paladin Empty Re: [Accepted] Outburst paladin

Post  Edgey on Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:21 am

Application is nice but really must empathize the point thjat we currently have 3 active ret paladins and one more may be overkill. You are more than welcome to trial with us and see how it goes but I could see it being problomatic for raids.


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[Accepted] Outburst paladin Empty Re: [Accepted] Outburst paladin

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