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DKP Changes

Post  Umor! on Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:10 am

Trial Of the Crusader DKP
Min bid=5
Max Dkp bids :
25 man Normal
Armor(non Tier)=35
Idols,Sigils,Librams etc=35
Offhands(Shields etc)=50
1h Melee weapons=70/90
1h Caster weapons=120
2h Melee weaponss=140
2h Caster weapons=100
Ranged weapons(rods,thrown)=50
Ranged weapons(bows,Xbows)=80
tier 9.5 regalia=40-100
Tierf 9.25(VoA)=20-60

Ulduar 25 DKP

Fixed DKP Values
Idols,Sigils,Librams etc=2
Offhands(shields etc)=3
1h Melee weaps=5
1h Caster weapons=5
2h Melee weapons=5/10
2h Caster weapons=5
Ranged weapons(rods,thorwn)=5
RAnged Weapons(Bows,Xbows)=5
Tier 8.5 =5 DKP
Tier 8.5 (Shoulders)=10 DKP

Example: ToC-Item drops >Min DKP bid is 5>Max DKP bid 20>If More than 1 person bids 20>Person with more Net DKP wins.
Uld-Item Drops>Fixed DKP bid>If more than 1 person bids>Person with more Net DKP wins.

NBMax bid and fixed dkp amounts may be changed for better use of the dkp system
NBAs you have probably noticed , there is no starting and Max DKP bids for t9. For normal ToC we will use different way to distribute the Trohpies among the Raiders. When We start Raiding heroic 25 man toc, dkp for tiers will be sorted.

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