Ranks and Rules

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Ranks and Rules

Post  Umor! on Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:46 am

Raiding rules
1.Knowing tactics for raid bosses
2.Flasks and pots
If you don't meet these requirements you won't raid

Ranks and Loot Policy:
Trial- Unable to withdraw from gv / Unable to bid more than 50 dkp on an item /
Raider-Unable to withdraw from gv /
Ulduar Raider-Able to withraw flasks/ 50 g repair from gv for progress fights / High Priority on Invites for raid / High Priority over lower ranks for bidding on Uld 25 Weapons (Requirements are : 80% raid attendance for the past 2 weeks , Good performance in raids , at least 1 month of raiding in the guild)

GM and Officers will have the final call on who to bid in certain ocassions

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