[Declined] Yoruni Re-aplication

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[Declined] Yoruni Re-aplication

Post  Yoruni on Sun May 24, 2009 6:11 pm

Character Name: Yoruni
Class: Hunter
Specc and why you chose it: Surv, becuz of the increased 15% agility, and the imbaness of the Explosive shot

Where are you from?:Portugal

Tell us a little about yourself: I play WoW for 2years, played 1 year on a private blizzlike server called Progenesis and the rest on offy.
Play a bit of footbal and pwn in Poker

Armory Link: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Karazhan&n=Yoruni

Raid Progress:
Classic - Onyxia and most of the dungeons
TBC - Karazhan, SSC, ZA, Maghteridon and most dungeons
WotLK - All pre 3.1 Raids + 9/14 uld 10

What guilds have you previously been in and reason why you left/got removed.
Last Kings Legion: Disbanded
de PILA na mao: Nooby guild, and no action
pLayers: got hacked and i couldnt play for 2 months
Afterdawn: i left looking for some hardcore pve action

What days and times (server time)can you raid?
mondays to fridays 6pm to 23pm Server time
saturday to sunday all the time

Do you have ventrilo or are willing to install it?

Anything else you would like to add?
I left the guild becuz it was my fault Infestus was kicked, he was on a friends Naxx10, wich i forced him to come.
And it didnt felt right that Inf had to leave when it was my fault


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